Restaurant Consulting

Matthew Blau the chef and creator of Fireworks restaurant also offers private consultation services to those in the industry.

Matthew works with clients both in assisting in the opening of new restaurants and in the improvement and retooling existing restaurants that are underperforming or unprofitable.

In new restaurant ventures chef Blau is able to provide invaluable collaboration in all areas from the initial stages of concept, business plan, menu development and fundraising, to the later phases of build out, staffing and training, creation and implementation of operational systems, right through to opening night and beyond.

In the case of existing restaurants, Matthew will provide comprehensive analysis of what is working and what isn’t; then work closely with you to find and implement solutions aimed at getting your restaurant back on its feet, running smoothly and making money.

It is very possible to make a good living in the restaurant business without utterly surrendering your life to it. Many opportunities exist and with the right attention and guidance they can be very fruitful. Let us show you how.

For more detailed information about the services offered please contact Matthew at the restaurant or via email:

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matthew blau